1. EAT

Have you gone to the gym and seen people working out for months and after all that time  you can’t see a bit of improvement in them? Can you imagine why? Well, probably their diet is wrong. It;s important to match the correct diet with the excercises that your doing. And, it’s important to choose the correct exercises and diet for the goals that you want to achieve. Since this forum is concerned with How to Gain Weight , The first priority in “How to Gain Weight 123″ is to eat to gain.

It’s this simple, if you eat less food/calories than your body is burning, you will not gain weight. If you eat more food/calories than your body burns, you will gain weight.

To gain one pound, you need to eat an additional 3,500 calories over what your body burns. But, you might ask, how do I know how many calories my body is burning? If you are interested in calculating how many calories your body is burning, go to our calculators page. Right now, you must start to eat correctly to gain weight.

This is very important. You must eat three full meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) and make sure you eat a good breakfast.

This is an example of a  good breakfast, 3 or 4 eggs, bacon, potato’s, toast. Don’t skimp on breakfast. It is the most important meal. I use to have trouble eating after I woke up in the morning and I had to force myself to eat a good breakfast. It was actually hard for me to eat breakfast and I would feel sick. However, that feeling faded over time and now I’m hungry when I first wake up. You may also be challenged when it comes to eating breakfast. But, you have to do this! you must eat a good breakfast. Ok?   So, eat three good meals. Lunch, you could eat something like a steak or tuna sandwich with chips. Supper, most people get this right and have meat, potato’s and another vegetable. Ok, that was easy, three square meals.

Now, here’s the part of How to Gain Weight 123 that’s going to push you in to putting on the pounds. About two to three hours after every meal you will eat a high calorie high protein snack. I use to make a milk shake to drink and put it in a thermos and take to work with me. It seems easier to down a drink fast when you already feel stuffed. This is how I would make the milk shake. Put a couple of eggs in a blender and blend them up. Put in some ice cream, milk, a pack of instant breakfast or protein powder if you have it. Blend it all up. You may get tired of drinking shakes. But, look at all the protein and calories you just downed. Your definitely going to start gaining weight. You could eat something like a peanut butter sandwich and an apple instead of the shake. But, that gets even harder to take over time.

Just make sure you eat a good high protein / high calorie snack in between each meal.

Here it is straight up! If your serious about gaining weight, then your going to make the shakes and have one a couple of hours after every meal and your going to pack on the pounds. If your less serious, you’ll eat a granola bar in between meals and maybe slowly add some weight.

Follow these instructions religiously. Don’t skip meals, Dont skip snacks in between meals, and eat a good breakfast. This seems like a lot of effort put in to eating, but this is a very important part of “How to Gain Weight 123″ and if you do this along with exercising as described in step 2 and proper rest as described in step 3, you can pack on muscle like you have been taking steroids.
how to gain weight food

how to gain weight food

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