3 Tips for How to Gain Weight Success

Along with following the 123 formula on how to gain weight as lean muscle, there are a few good tips to follow that will aid in getting better results for gaining weight. Use these three tips for better results:

1. Monitor percentage of body to make sure you have quality weight gain of mostly muscle. An inexpensive skin fold caliper (under six bucks) can be purchased HERE. This will allow you to check if your adding fat to your body. Possibly if you are eating too many calories you could be gaining weight too fast on the how to gain weight 123 formula. Monitoring body fat percentage will let you know if you should slow down or speed up your how to gain weight program.

2. Calculate how many calories you should eat each day the Weight Gain Calculator. This calculator allows you to enter how much weight you want to gain and the number of days you want to take in order to gain that weight. The Weight Gain Calculator determines how many calories your body is burning and then adds the number of calories above your bodys burn rate to gain the weight you entered, within the number of days you entered. Use the Weight Gain Calculator daily to make sure your eating the correct amount of calories to meet your weight goals.

3. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Too much activity will cause you to burn extra calories that could be used for your weight gain and muscle repair. So, for your how to gain weight schedule, slow down a bit. Make sure you sleep least eight hours every night and dont do too many extra activities. Focus your activities on weight training as described in the 123 formula for stimulating muscle growth.

There you have it three tips, monitor body fat percentage, calculate daily calorie consumption by using the Weight Gain Calculator, get plenty of rest. These tips will certainly help with your how to gain weight schedule and overall plan.

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