How To Get BIG Muscles

How to get big Muscles

or how to gain weight. This should have the suffix “as lean mass” or ” how to get big muscles” since the objective is not only ” how to get big ” but to get big by packing on lean muscle mass. Here at How to Gain Weight 123, we recommend the 123 formula because if you follow it strictly, you will definitely get big and pack on some lean muscle mass. See the enclosed video to view exercises on how to get big.



To Hilite the 123 formula,
1) You Must Eat more calories than your body burns. Use the Calories Calculator on the How To Gain Weight 123 Calculators page. This calculator will determine how many calories your body is burning in a day. To use this calculator, you enter your age, height and weight. Then, enter how many minutes you do each type of activity listed in the calculator. after clicking “enter”, the calculator will show you how many calories you burn in a day and what is your basal metabolic rate “BMR”. If you do not want to use the calorie calculator, a different method of determining the calories used in a day is to use an approximation formula. So your body approximately uses 18 calories daily to maintain 1 pound of body weight. Example: If you wanted to maintain your weight at 150 lbs, then multiply 150 X 18 so, your daily calories will be 2,700. Therefor, eat more than 2,700 calories daily and you will gain weight. That’s part one of How to Get Big Muscles.

2) You Must Rest You will need lots of rest to rebuild and add to the muscle your breaking down during your workouts. Don’t listen to anyone trying to say that you need to workout every other day or to do more. That is NOT How to Get Big Muscles! You will do better if you workout twice a week as long as you do the right exercises. So, don’t do to many extra activities. You need your rest, That’s part two of How to Get Big Muscles.

3)You Must do The Correct Exercises for How to get Big Muscles. The above video shows some excellent exercises for how to get big muscles. Squat, Deadlift, Benchpresses, incline curls. These alone are all you need. We recommend 20 rep squats. This puts your body in an anabolic state for how to get big muscles and how to gain weight as muscle mass.

How to Get Big Muscles

Follow these tips for

How to get big Muscles

and you will immediately see the difference.

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