RMR Calculator
Compared With BMR Calculator

An RMR calculator is Similar to the BMR calculator, as it determines how many calories your body would burn when you do nothing for 24 hours. In other words, it’s how many calories your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day. Remember, Rest is an important part of ” How To Gain Weight 123 “.
The RMR Calculator stands for Resting Metabolic Rate calculation. The manual RMR Calculator, taken when the subject is resting and does not require the subject to first have 8 hours of sleep.
BMR means Basal Metabolic Rate. The BMR calculator is different than the RMR Caclulator in that when manually calculated, it is taken after 8 hours sleeping and 12 hours with nothing to eat while the person resting.
The Following Applies to RMR calculator and BMR calculator:

As your age goes up, your BMR and RMR go down.
As your weight goes up, your BMR and RMR goes up.

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To Use our RMR Calculator :
1 Go to our RMR calculator, Click HERE.
2 Enter your age, weight (in pounds), height (in inches).
3 Click on the ENTER button
4 Read your calculated RMR. It display seperate values for Men and Women.

Give it a go, try our CALCULATORS page and check your RMR to see how many calories you would burn in a day when you are at rest. Use this information to help calculate your diet to gain weight or lose weight.

Whats The Truth About
Whole wheat, Whole grain, Multi grain?

In your quest to gain weight and add lean muscle mass, you must consider the quality of the food you eat. One type of product that marketing professionals have clouded the meaning is “wheat grain products”. What’s the truth about multi-grain & wheat products? When your planning your diet and want the best quality in any grain products, such as bread, cereal, pasta etc., read the label to find out what type of grain is in the product. typical ingredients will be whole wheat, whole grain, multi grain, refined wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, bulgar. But, which of these grains are best for your diet?
Watch the below video to find out the truth.

Eating quality food will help you ensure that when you gain weight, your going to add on muscle as lean mass / lean body mass ( LBM ) and improve your overall health. It is our goal at “How to Gain Weight 123″ to promote a healthy diet to ensure that your weight gain or weight loss is beneficial to your overall health. Follow the guidelines in the video to make sure you purchase only quality grain products.

How To Get BIG Muscles

How to get big Muscles

or how to gain weight. This should have the suffix “as lean mass” or ” how to get big muscles” since the objective is not only ” how to get big ” but to get big by packing on lean muscle mass. Here at How to Gain Weight 123, we recommend the 123 formula because if you follow it strictly, you will definitely get big and pack on some lean muscle mass. See the enclosed video to view exercises on how to get big.



To Hilite the 123 formula,
1) You Must Eat more calories than your body burns. Use the Calories Calculator on the How To Gain Weight 123 Calculators page. This calculator will determine how many calories your body is burning in a day. To use this calculator, you enter your age, height and weight. Then, enter how many minutes you do each type of activity listed in the calculator. after clicking “enter”, the calculator will show you how many calories you burn in a day and what is your basal metabolic rate “BMR”. If you do not want to use the calorie calculator, a different method of determining the calories used in a day is to use an approximation formula. So your body approximately uses 18 calories daily to maintain 1 pound of body weight. Example: If you wanted to maintain your weight at 150 lbs, then multiply 150 X 18 so, your daily calories will be 2,700. Therefor, eat more than 2,700 calories daily and you will gain weight. That’s part one of How to Get Big Muscles.

2) You Must Rest You will need lots of rest to rebuild and add to the muscle your breaking down during your workouts. Don’t listen to anyone trying to say that you need to workout every other day or to do more. That is NOT How to Get Big Muscles! You will do better if you workout twice a week as long as you do the right exercises. So, don’t do to many extra activities. You need your rest, That’s part two of How to Get Big Muscles.

3)You Must do The Correct Exercises for How to get Big Muscles. The above video shows some excellent exercises for how to get big muscles. Squat, Deadlift, Benchpresses, incline curls. These alone are all you need. We recommend 20 rep squats. This puts your body in an anabolic state for how to get big muscles and how to gain weight as muscle mass.

How to Get Big Muscles

Follow these tips for

How to get big Muscles

and you will immediately see the difference.

Nice Video – But not about How To Gain Weight

This is a nice video I thought some viewers would enjoy. I know, this has nothing to do with weight gain or how to gain weight. However, I hope you enjoy the video.

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How to Gain Weight when you’re Already Too Fat

How To Gain Weight when you’re Already Too Fat

How to Gain Weight when you’re already too fat. For many that are already overweight their actual goal is not so much to lose weight, but to lose some fat and gain some muscle. This is preferable and can be done in a logical manner. Instead of just figuring out how to gain weight or lose weight, it will be much better to do both gain muscle and lose fat.

So, let’s go over some of the logic behind how to gain weightt and how to lose weight. First off, your body requires a certain amount of calories to be eaten everyday just so it can maintain its current body weight and composure. You can calculate how many calories your body requires everyday by using the How To Gain Weight 123 Calories Burned Calculator. To gain one pound of body weight, you must eat 3500 calories more than the amount of calories that your body burns. Likewise, to lose one pound you must eat 3500 calories less than the amount of calories that your body burns.

The second consideration for how to gain weight is, the more muscle you have, the more calories are needed to maintain your muscle mass.
The last consideration for how to gain weight is easy. If you eat fewer calories than your body burns, you lose weight. If you eat more calories than your body burns, then you gain weight.
Now, here’s the problem with how to gain weight. We want to gain muscle weight and lose fat weight. So, do we eat more calories to gain weight, or do we eat fewer calories to lose weight? Well, most people start off by eating too few calories so they get rid of that ugly fat.

This is usually not a good idea, especially if you started a regular workout schedule. This could actually hinder your ability to lose weight in a healthy manner. For example, have you ever seen someone go on a diet and lose weight fast and then when they are off the diet they gain back the weight they lost even faster? The simple reason is, when they lost the weight, they lost alot of muscle mass. Therefore, their body required fewer calories to maintain its weight. So, it required fewer calories to gain weight. This is our first rule for How To Gain Weight 123, “Do Not Lose Muscle Mass When Losing Weight”. It’s not that difficult if you eat a proper diet and methodically lose no more than two pounds of fat per week. See the How To Gain Weight 123 Lose Weight Calculator to gauge how many calories to eat per day.

how to gain weight bodybuilding

how to gain weight bodybuilding

Now that we know the basics of how to gain weight, here’s our plan for gaining muscle and losing fat in a healthy way.

1. Start a workout routine to gain muscle mass. See the suggested How to Gain Weight 123 Exercises for Gaining Muscle.
2. Begin a diet to maintain your body weight, or at most to gain one pound per week. See the How To Gain Weight 123 Weight Gain Calculator.
3. Stay on this schedule for one to two months depending on how much muscle mass you would like to gain.
4. After the gaining phase, start a reducing phase. Use the How to Gain Weight 123 Lose Weight Calculator to gauge a loss of no more than two pounds per week.
5. Include walking or slow pace running or swimming in your exercise routine during the reducing phase. This you should do a minimum of three times per week.
6. After a few months on the reducing phase (weight loss of about 20 pounds), go back to the gaining muscle phase. Make sure not to gain too fast. You don’t want to gain back fat. You just want to gain muscle and that doesn’t happen fast. Keep it slow and steady.

You can keep cycling between the gaining and losing phases for two to three months on each phase of this how to gain weight 123 schedule. It is very important to keep gaining and maintaining muscle mass. This is the key to losing fat in a healthy manner. This is because the more muscle your body has, the more calories your body requires to maintain its weight. And, Why does your body burn fat? That’s right, to feed the muscles. The more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn.

So don’t be one of those who go on a crash diet and lose a bunch of muscle mass and look worse than when they started dieting. Then, gain all of their weight back plus a few pounds more. First learn how to gain weight as muscle mass and then you will be able to lose weight more effectively and more healthy.

Be sure to check out our How To Gain Weight 123 articles and calculators for more informative and useful information.

How To Gain Weight The Wrong Way

How to gain weight This QUESTION & ANSWER dialog will help you understand the basics of WEIGHT LOSS & GAIN. This will help clear up un-true and bad information being spread around internet on the topic of how to gain weight. Surely, there are weight gain formulas and ideas on how to gain weight that do have some positive effect. However, what I am talking about are ideas and techniques that absolutely will not work or will actually have a negative effect.
So, to give you a better idea of what I mean and to answer some questions that some may have, I would like to give some examples of what I am talking about. To do this I have From time to time I popped over to yahoo answers and answer questions that people have on how to gain weight. So, I will paraphrase some of the questions that I have answered over at yahoo answers and let you know some of the really bad answers plus what I consider to be the right “how to gain weight” answer. So let’s get going, Lets get started.


How To Gain Weight 123

How To Gain Weight BarbellQ) How to gain weight with a fast metabolism? I am underweight and if you’re not familiar with a fast metabolism, then don’t answer.

Bad Answer)
Eat lots of fruit, cake and peanut butter sandwiches.
Good Answer)
Many people blame a fast metabolism for not being able to gain weight. However, when you understand how to gain weight, your metabolism will be under your control. Usually a person who thinks they have a fast metabolism really just don’t know how to relax and rest. There can be many reasons for this. But, the thing to do is make yourself stop and rest. Plan rest periods throughout the day. Remember, rest is one of the three most important factors in the how to gain weight 123 formula. Rest will allow your body to repair muscles from workouts and build new muscle tissue. Eat six times a day which is breakfast, lunch and supper with a high calorie high protein snack in between each meal and that is how to gain weight.

Q) How can I build muscle quick? I would like to increase muscle and fast. So, How can I do this. I already eat a lot.

Bad Answer)
Work out every day, morning and night.
Good Answer)
Wow, that was a really bad answer for how to gain weight! I’m sure that everyone reading this blog knows by now how important that rest is. Working out the same muscles everyday is almost as bad as not working out at all.
The questioner asked how to build muscle fast. Well, “fast” has a relative meaning. Especially for how to gain weight. What is fast for me may not be very fast to someone else. I would say, that if you gained twenty pounds of solid muscle in three months, that would be fast. I have seen people that wanted to gain ten pounds of muscle in a week. This is however not naturally possible. The how to gain weight 123 formula suggest you should aim at gaining about two pounds a week. This way you’re sure that you are probably gaining mostly muscle. Also, your muscle gains will more likely stick with you instead of losing it just as fast as you gained it.

Q) I eat about 1590 calories a day. I’m very thin and trying to gain weight. I weigh eighty nine pounds, five foot four inches and thirteen years old. Will I gain weight on this diet?

Bad Answer)
You should gain weight with this diet because your BMR is 1250 calories per day.
Good Answer)
No way. 1590 calories per day is not how to gain weight. The BMR calculator on HowToGainWeight123.com, calculates your BMR (basal metabolic rate) at 1250 calories / day. However, your BMR is the calories you burn if you did nothing all day like if you stayed in bed. When you add some moderate activities each day, you would be burning about 2000 calories / day. Therefore, if you would like to gain about five pounds a month, you need to eat approximately 2550 calories / day. Then you will certainly tell your friends how to gain weight the correct way.

Q) I don’t want to workout to gain weight. I just want to gain weight. Don’t care about muscle.

Bad Answer)
Eat fast food like McDonalds.
Good Answer)
For health reasons, it is best for as much of your weight gain to be muscle. The How To Gain Weight 123 formula suggest that you only need to workout twice a week. Also, you only need to do three exercises. Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Follow the how to gain weight 123 formula and you will gain healthy weight as muscle.

Q) I want big arm muscles and would like to achieve this by summer. I do 100 dumbbell curls every night. How can I get big arms by summer?

Bad Answer)
Add more weight to increase muscle growth. Also, do 3 sets 8 to10 repetitions.
Good Answer)
Stop what your doing. If you would like to get big arms, then you can’t overwork them. That is not how to gain weight. You are doing too many repetitions and you certainly should not workout the same muscles everyday! I don’t know why this is so hard. You must Rest. Doing too much will stop any muscle growth. It is important that you understand this. It is an important part of the how to gain weight 123 formula. You will not get any increase in muscle size as long as you continue to over work the muscles. The body rest is needed so your muscles will repair and build on the muscle you damaged during each workout. So, If you would like big arms, then, the how to gain weight 123 formula recommends you do heavy deadlifts and squats and only work your arms two times a week only. Be sure to Get plenty of rest and eat six times a day. Have breakfast, lunch and supper. Then eat a high calorie, high protein snack in between each meal.

Well, that’s all for the Q&A today. As you can see, there is much bad information on internet regarding how to gain weight. So, as always be careful about the information you read online and only trust highly regarded websites like How To Gain Weight 123.

The Loneliest Part of The GYM

I was in the fitness center the other day and it became apparent to me that I was standing by myself in the loneliest part of the gym. There I was preparing to do sets of squats while everybody else were performing numerous versions of multiple exercises like swinging dumbbell curls while checking themselves out in the mirror, and seated dumbbell presses while still checking themselves out. Hoping this is How to Gain Weight.

So, I continued with my squats, without mirrors, slamming on as many pounds as I could handle while everyone else avoided the squat rack area like they were told they would get the flu if they wandered too close to the squat rack.

It seems very odd to me that many of the people in the gym spending hours trying How to Gain Weight to increase the size of their muscles doing many different exercises, but avoid doing the one exercise that will actually work.

I’m sure most of the gym rats that want to know How to Gain Weight would start doing their squats at least once a week if they could witness what I have seen while training in various gyms for over forty years.

I have seen numerous scrawny guys blow up like their on steroids just because they started doing squats. Likewise, I have seen scrawny guys keep on being scrawny guys after many months of working out. The main reason they remain scrawny guys is because they are doing all the wrong exercises. They focus their exercise routine only on the muscles that they want to grow which usually is the triceps and biceps. They over work these muscles which makes it even more inevitable that they will not make any gains. More likely they will probably start to lose any gains they may have made because they are over working muscles and not getting enough time to repair muscles from work out to work out.

So, why do squats work so well at influencing muscle growth all over your body? It’s quite logical. Squats involve the largest muscles in your body. It also involves many muscles that you may not think are even being exercised. In fact, the only muscles that may get a little rest during a squat are in the arms and even arm muscles come in to action to hold the weight on your shoulders. So, when you’re doing a squat, you’re supporting a huge amount of weight and it takes just about every muscle in your body to support this weight. Then you begin to squat down and come up exercising the largest muscles in the body. Throughout the exercise all of your muscles come into action at different points of the exercise. Your body has no choice, It’s largest muscles are being exerted like never before and all of the other muscles are being asked to support more and more weight as you increase the poundage of your squat. Your body must adapt to this huge demand. It must grow and grow! That’s How to Gain Weight.

how to gain weight bodybuilding

If you want your biceps and triceps to grow, exercise them moderately with heavy weight giving them enough rest to repair and gain before exercising them again. They will grow along with all the other muscles growing from How to Gain Weight squats. Remember, don’t over do it. Give all muscles enough time to repair and build before working them again.

So, Why am I all by myself at the squat rack? I think the answer is that most do not realize the benefits. They don’t know How to Gain Weight. I have heard many times “I can’t do squats”, “I hate squats”, ”I don’t like them”. Many excuses and I can tell you that it’s obvious when I walk into a gym. I can pick out who knows how to use a squat rack and who does not. Those that do squats look stronger and are stronger.

For extra help, use our Weight Gain Calculator and our RMR Calculator

Farewell Vasily Alekseyev
aka Vasily Alexeev, Vasili Alexeyev

I was saddend to learn of Vasily Alekseyev’s Passing at the age of 69. The man was an icon in the sport of olympic weightlifting. During his career as a weighlifter Vasily Alekseyev set 80 world records. I’m not going into too many details since you can read more about his achievements if you google his name. However, I remember reading back in the 1970′s that when Vasily Alekseyev was young one of his hero’s was Paul Anderson the American strongman who in 1955 traveled to the Soviet Union to put on some weightlifting exhibitions. Weightlifting was very popular in the Soviet Union. Paul Anderson has a place in the Guiness book records for doing a backlift with 6270 lbs. quite amazing. Paul Anderson is also no longer with us. Both of these men had a big influence on me in my younger years and I believe both were genuinely kind and honest people that through hard training and natural ability made it to the top of the weightlifting sport. Vasily Alekseyev and Paul Anderson made the sport more appealing to the public. To look at them in real life, they look like normal big happy guys. They both learned how to gain weight and to build strength at an early age and got very strong. They did not look un-natural but possessed enormous strength. Unlike characters seen today that look to have ridiculous proportions due to the drugs and massive doses of steroids they consume. I guess that’s what made Vasily Alekseyev and Paul Anderson so appealing to the public. They were like big teddy bears and seemed just as nice.

We have seen several good weightlifting champions since Vasily Alekseyev. However, even the world records today are only like 20 lbs more than what Vasily was doing back in the 1970′s. Vasily smashed the world records that existed before he came along. We probably may never see that again. Maybe Vasily came close to lifting what is humanly possible.

I remember watching him in contests where he would make his final lift and make it look so easy. I thought gee’s how much can this guy really do? It looked like he was holding back for some special occasion. Maybe if he went all out, his records would still exist today. Well, who knows. Anyway, So long Vasily Alekseyev. I really enjoyed watching your great feats of strength.

Vasily Alekseyev aka Vasily Alexeev, Vasili Alexeyev

3 Tips for How to Gain Weight Success

Along with following the 123 formula on how to gain weight as lean muscle, there are a few good tips to follow that will aid in getting better results for gaining weight. Use these three tips for better results:

1. Monitor percentage of body to make sure you have quality weight gain of mostly muscle. An inexpensive skin fold caliper (under six bucks) can be purchased HERE. This will allow you to check if your adding fat to your body. Possibly if you are eating too many calories you could be gaining weight too fast on the how to gain weight 123 formula. Monitoring body fat percentage will let you know if you should slow down or speed up your how to gain weight program.

2. Calculate how many calories you should eat each day the Weight Gain Calculator. This calculator allows you to enter how much weight you want to gain and the number of days you want to take in order to gain that weight. The Weight Gain Calculator determines how many calories your body is burning and then adds the number of calories above your bodys burn rate to gain the weight you entered, within the number of days you entered. Use the Weight Gain Calculator daily to make sure your eating the correct amount of calories to meet your weight goals.

3. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Too much activity will cause you to burn extra calories that could be used for your weight gain and muscle repair. So, for your how to gain weight schedule, slow down a bit. Make sure you sleep least eight hours every night and dont do too many extra activities. Focus your activities on weight training as described in the 123 formula for stimulating muscle growth.

There you have it three tips, monitor body fat percentage, calculate daily calorie consumption by using the Weight Gain Calculator, get plenty of rest. These tips will certainly help with your how to gain weight schedule and overall plan.

how to gain weight gold weightlifer

How to Gain Weight with our Weight Gain Calculator

Often I see request from young guys saying that they eat plenty of food but are still skinny. They say that they just don’t know how to gain weight and what they need is a Weight Gain Calculator so it can tell them what to do.

how to gain weight paul anderson

After looking more closely at these individuals desiring how to gain weight I find out that yes they eat lots of food. However, they eat all of their food from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Do you know what that means? It means that for 13 hours out of the day their body is not being nourished! Yes, most of the day they are starving their bodies and then for 11 hours they cram food in their stomachs. That’s no good. We’re Not Camels! we don’t store food for future use. All the food you ate either gets burned or goes to waste after a little bit may go to fat store. That’s Not How to Gain Weight Folks. You can’t starve your body for most of the day and then expect to gain by gorging for 11 hours. Certainly a weight gain calculator is needed. Understand that for your body mass to increase, you must nourish your body throughout the day. Starting with a good breakfast between 6:00 & 7:00 am. with lunch and supper with high protein high calorie snacks in between each meal.

Now here’s the easy part. Use the Weight Gain Calculator here at how to gain weight123.com. This calculator will tell you exactly how many calories you need to eat per day in order to gain the amount of weight you desire. Start by entering into the Weight Gain Calculator your age, gender, weight and height. Then enter how much activity you perform daily and how much weight you want to gain and the number of days you want to gain the weight. The Weight Gain Calculator will then tell you how many calories to eat daily. Follow the how to gain weight123.com exercises for gaining weight, get your required rest and you will be amazed at the amount of muscle mass you will gain. Good Luck.