Farewell Vasily Alekseyev
aka Vasily Alexeev, Vasili Alexeyev

I was saddend to learn of Vasily Alekseyev’s Passing at the age of 69. The man was an icon in the sport of olympic weightlifting. During his career as a weighlifter Vasily Alekseyev set 80 world records. I’m not going into too many details since you can read more about his achievements if you google his name. However, I remember reading back in the 1970′s that when Vasily Alekseyev was young one of his hero’s was Paul Anderson the American strongman who in 1955 traveled to the Soviet Union to put on some weightlifting exhibitions. Weightlifting was very popular in the Soviet Union. Paul Anderson has a place in the Guiness book records for doing a backlift with 6270 lbs. quite amazing. Paul Anderson is also no longer with us. Both of these men had a big influence on me in my younger years and I believe both were genuinely kind and honest people that through hard training and natural ability made it to the top of the weightlifting sport. Vasily Alekseyev and Paul Anderson made the sport more appealing to the public. To look at them in real life, they look like normal big happy guys. They both learned how to gain weight and to build strength at an early age and got very strong. They did not look un-natural but possessed enormous strength. Unlike characters seen today that look to have ridiculous proportions due to the drugs and massive doses of steroids they consume. I guess that’s what made Vasily Alekseyev and Paul Anderson so appealing to the public. They were like big teddy bears and seemed just as nice.

We have seen several good weightlifting champions since Vasily Alekseyev. However, even the world records today are only like 20 lbs more than what Vasily was doing back in the 1970′s. Vasily smashed the world records that existed before he came along. We probably may never see that again. Maybe Vasily came close to lifting what is humanly possible.

I remember watching him in contests where he would make his final lift and make it look so easy. I thought gee’s how much can this guy really do? It looked like he was holding back for some special occasion. Maybe if he went all out, his records would still exist today. Well, who knows. Anyway, So long Vasily Alekseyev. I really enjoyed watching your great feats of strength.

Vasily Alekseyev aka Vasily Alexeev, Vasili Alexeyev

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