How to Get Fat

The goal is to put on weight as lean muscle and increase your lean body mass ( LBM ). The goal is not to find out how to get fat. However, If you were to follow the diet and rest schedules that we suggest in the 123 formula, and you neglected to follow the exercise schedule, then you would most likely add weight as fat. So, that is how to get fat! too many calories consumed and too little exercise will lead to weight gain as fat.

Lean Mass, Lean Body Mass, LBM calculation

Checking fat % with skin fold caliper


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Gaining or losing weight comes down to how many calories you eat minus how many calories you burn. Your BMR / RMR (how many calories you would burn laying in bed) and the amount of calories you burn in a day can be calculator by using the calculators on the “ How to Gain Weight 123 ” Calculators Page . To gain one pound you must eat 3500 calories more than the amount of calories your body is burning, so in order to gain 2 pounds in a week you will need to eat 7000 calories more than your body burns in a week. Gaining up to two pounds a week is considered healthy. More than two pounds a week is not considered healthy and that is how to get fat. So, monitor your calories consumed and the calories you burn so that you control your weight gain.


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