Lean Mass / Lean Body Mass Calculation
Why Use It to Monitor Your Fitness Goals?

What is Lean Mass or Lean Body Mass ( LBM )? and how does it apply to How to Gain Weight?
Lean mass is the calculation that tells you how much you would weigh without the body fat. So, it’s how much your bones, organs and muscles weigh. By knowing how much your body weighs without the fat and then monitoring it over time, you will know exactly how much muscle you have gained or lost.

Our Calculators page has a LBM calculator to measure your Lean Mass. However, the formulas used in calculators assume an average human body composition. If you would like a more accurate method of measuring Lean Mass( LBM ), you can purchase an inexpensive
Measuring Body Fat with Skin Fold Caliper tool online for under $6. It can be very accurate to monitor your Lean Mass (LBM) with a caliper type tool. This will let you know if  you are gaining or loosing body fat. Then you can adjust your diet accordingly. Calculating LBM with the skin fold caliper is fairly easy. The tool will give you a body fat percentage. The calculation would then go like this.

For example: If your body fat percentage was determined to be 20% and you weigh 300lbs then:

What is Lean Mass, Lean Body Mass, LBM calculation

Lean Body Mass ( LBM ) calculation

300lbs X .20 = 60lbs of body fat.

300lbs – 60lbs = 240 LBM ( Lean Mass )


Note: It is best to not gain or lose more than 2 pounds of weight a week. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason right now is that you want to make sure the weight you gain is muscle and the weight you lose is fat. Therefore, if you wanted to gain 2 pounds in a week, eat 7000 calories a week more than the calories you used in that week. So, you would divide it up like this 7000/7 = 1000 calories a day. Therefore, eat 1000 calories a day over the amount of calories used in a day.

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