This is how I learned How to Gain Weight . I will start by saying that I was one of those skinny kids and as a teenager was always trying to gain weight and get stronger. When I was 13, my parents bought my brother and I a 125lb barbell set. My brother and I worked out religiously for years doing curls, presses, reverse curls, triceps extensions, bench presses and other such exercises.I became a strong kid for my weight. But, was still a skinny kid. After graduating high school, I joined the military and continued working out with barbells. I always remained about the same weight of about 150 lbs ( lean mass of 124lbs by LBM calculator). which is OK for a guy 5′ 10″ tall. But, still on the skinny side for someone putting so much effort in to weight training.

Shortly after I finished my duty with the military, I wanted to try and make some serious progress increasing the amount of weight that I could press overhead.

I thought I would try the Milo method. Remember the Greek Milo who raised a bull calf? Everyday Milo would pick up the calf on his shoulders. After two years, the calf was a full sized bull and Milo had gained tremendous strength. So, everyday I would grab my barbell and do a few sets of presses with the last set of one rep of my max weight. My goal was to increase the poundage on the barbell by two and a half pounds a week. Well this worked really good for the first month. The second month I missed my goal by four pounds and the third month I was down by nine pounds. So, this method was certainly not working.

My body weight still remained about 150lbs. all this time, so I still wasn’t achieving much muscle mass I needed to learn How to Gain Weight . I thought the only way I could make gains was through steroids and there was no way I was going to use steroids. I have always been a strong believer in  being natural.

So, I started to read about methods used by old time weight lifters and body builders. After a lot of reading I realized to gain serious muscle mass it comes down to three things. Here it is very simply 1. Eat Correctly, 2. Exercise correctly, 3. Rest. This sounds really simple, but I found that you must do each step correctly and not slack on any of it. That’s is why I put each step in its own section with a tab for each step at the top of this page. This method really works. After six months of doing my 123 method I packed on thirty pounds of solid muscle and ten more pounds in three more months. People that had not seen me for six months couldn’t believe I was the same person. I continued on with this method for a year and I entered my states Olympic weightlifting championship and won the light heavyweight division  (198 lb class). I had finally figured out How to Gain Weight I was really going strong and continued to make good gains until one thing stopped my Olympic weightlifting ambitions. Injuries! That’s my first warning. When working out with weights as the poundage goes up your more susceptible to injuries so take the necessary precautions.

Now that I’m getting close to 60 years old I still work out with weights and have helped many young guys in the gym on what is important to focus on to make serious gains. It can be done naturally and without any special supplements or exercise equipment. You don’t even need to workout with barbells. I will suggest other exercises in step 2. If you follow these 3 steps and don’t slack, you will know how to gain weight.

Best Regards,

Duane Economos

How to gain weight Duane doing a snatch.

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