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Compared With BMR Calculator">RMR Calculator
Compared With BMR Calculator

Published on March 18, 2012 By mick

An RMR calculator is Similar to the BMR calculator, as it determines how many calories your body would burn when you do nothing for 24 hours. In other words, it’s how many calories your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day. Remember, Rest is an important part of ” How To Gain [...]

Whole wheat, Whole grain, Multi grain?
">Whats The Truth About
Whole wheat, Whole grain, Multi grain?

Published on November 10, 2011 By mick

In your quest to gain weight and add lean muscle mass, you must consider the quality of the food you eat. One type of product that marketing professionals have clouded the meaning is “wheat grain products”. What’s the truth about multi-grain & wheat products? When your planning your diet and want the best quality in [...]

TwinLab Mass Fuel Xtreme
TwinLab Mass Fuel Xtreme

Published on October 9, 2011 By mick

How to Gain Weight 123 has started a review of weight gain/ gain muscle product from TwinLab called “Mass Fuel Xtreme”. This review will be in 3 stages. 1) Stats before taking Mass fuel (check weight, lean mass ( lean body mass ), body fat %. 2) Stats after one week. (check weight, lean mass [...]