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I have been asked “how do you link together the calculations for BMI, BMR, & LBM to be useful measurements in my training goals”?

To start off, you can check out the individual post in “How To Gain Weight 123″ on body mass index (BMI),  basal metabolic Rate (BMR) and lean body mass (LBM).

Now how can we tie all of these calculations together to help us gain weight/ lose weight/ gain lean muscle?

  1. Calculate your BMR, this will give us the amount of calories we need if we remain at rest all day.
  2. Add to the BMR calories the calories you have used for activities during the day. This will give you how many total calories you have used during the day.
    TIP: Go to the “How To Gain Weight 123” CALCULATORS page and use the “calories calculator”. This will calculate your BMR and add your activities to give you the total amount of calories you use in a day. Also available are Lean Mass – LBM Calculator and BMI calculator.
  3. Now that you know how many calories you use in a day, Eat more calories to gain weight OR eat less calories to lose weight. You will gain/lose 1 pound for every 3500 calories you eat that is more/less than the calories you use in a day.

It is best to not gain or lose more than 2 pounds a week. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason right now is that you want to make sure the weight you gain is muscle and the weight you lose is fat. Therefore, if you wanted to gain 2 pounds in a week, eat 7000 calories a week more than the calories you used in that week. So, you would divide it up like this 7000/7 = 1000 calories  a day. Therefore, eat 1000 calories a day over the amount of calories used in a day.

To better gauge your development, monitor your Lean Body Mass (LBM) with a caliper type tool. This will let you know if you are gaining or loosing body fat. Then you can adjust your diet accordingly.

 Notice that we did not use BMI in our calculations. This is because BMI , does not consider or monitor a persons body fat and therefore is not useful in monitoring weight gain or loss or lean mass.

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