Whats The Truth About
Whole wheat, Whole grain, Multi grain?

In your quest to gain weight and add lean muscle mass, you must consider the quality of the food you eat. One type of product that marketing professionals have clouded the meaning is “wheat grain products”. What’s the truth about multi-grain & wheat products? When your planning your diet and want the best quality in any grain products, such as bread, cereal, pasta etc., read the label to find out what type of grain is in the product. typical ingredients will be whole wheat, whole grain, multi grain, refined wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, bulgar. But, which of these grains are best for your diet?
Watch the below video to find out the truth.

Eating quality food will help you ensure that when you gain weight, your going to add on muscle as lean mass / lean body mass ( LBM ) and improve your overall health. It is our goal at “How to Gain Weight 123″ to promote a healthy diet to ensure that your weight gain or weight loss is beneficial to your overall health. Follow the guidelines in the video to make sure you purchase only quality grain products.

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Whole wheat, Whole grain, Multi grain?